Safety Measures

All construction, including mitigation and safety measures, will be performed with approved permits from the Department of Building in accordance with NYC Building Code.

Noise Mitigation

  • All tools and equipment will be maintained in proper working condition
  • Any construction equipment that produces loud sounds, such as generators, will be enclosed to reduce noise levels
  • Large equipment will be turned off when not in use
  • Work will only be carried out during permitted hours
    • Normal working hours are 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday
    • The contractor will apply for after hour variance permits from the Department of Buildings for any work that needs to be done outside of normal working hours

Dust Mitigation

  • Large piles of debris or dirt will be sprayed or misted with water to prevent wind from blowing dust around
  • Vehicles transporting construction debris will be covered while in motion
  • Vehicles entering and exiting the site will travel at low speeds to prevent wind from blowing dust around

Rodent Mitigation

  • Contractor will hire an exterminator to perform a walkthrough of the site before excavation begins
  • Exterminator will place bait traps, and other control measures, after performing the walkthrough
  • Exterminator will perform periodic maintenance throughout construction to determine whether additional exterminating measures are needed