Stevenson Commons

Will existing Stevenson Commons residents have priority/preference for placement in the new affordable units? 

While there is no direct priority given to existing residents there is preference given to applicants currently living within Community Board 9 as required by HPD’s Marketing Guidelines.

Will the existing Stevenson Commons residents be able to use the new property?

Yes. When all phases of Stevenson Square are complete, it will include publicly accessible outdoor amenities including green space, a sensory playground, and a brand-new tennis center.

How do existing residents find out more about the development plans?

In addition to regular townhall meetings with the development team, www.stevensonsquare.info will be kept up to date with any updates relating to employment opportunities, along with development milestones and housing applications.

What kind of investment will be made to improve existing Stevenson Commons units? 

Improvements and upgrades are continuously being made throughout existing units and common areas. Lobby upgrades and breezeway turnstile replacements are expected to take place in 2024. 

What are the plans to ensure safety and security with the influx of new residents?

During construction additional security measures will be taken to ensure residents continue to feel safe during this time of disruption. Please contact property management if you have any safety concerns during this time. 


When will construction begin and for how long?

Construction will begin in early 2024 and will continue in phases throughout the property. We are anticipating a 24-month construction schedule for the first buildings. The construction team will update residents regularly regarding any changes in the timeline for this project. 

What impacts can Stevenson Commons residents expect during construction?

During hours of construction, typically 7am – 6pm Monday through Friday, residents can expect an increased level of noise and activity throughout the construction zones.

What are the plans to ensure safety and security during construction? How will hazardous materials be handled?

The construction team has decades of experience working on similar projects and maintaining health and safety standards continues to be the team’s top priority. During construction, during construction there will be 24/7 security including 2 separate guard booths and additional security cameras. The site will also be fenced off for the safety of all residents. 

How will the construction site control rodents?

The construction team is committed to taking all necessary action to mitigate the potential uptick in rodent activity. This includes retaining an exterminator and installing additional bait stations throughout the property for the duration of construction. 

How will access to Stevenson facilities be controlled (i.e. which parking gates will be open) during construction?

The parking gate on Lafayette Ave. will be accessible to residents that have been granted parking. 

Stevenson Square

How and when can I sign up to apply for the new housing?

Applications will be processed through NYC Housing Connect – housingconnect.nyc.gov.  

Who qualifies to live in the new affordable co-ops?  

Eligible incomes include households making between $59,303 and $102,800 annually depending on family size. The total Monthly Housing Expenses (including mortgage, utilities, and maintenance) will be between $1,696 and $2,688 depending on unit size and interest rates.

What is downpayment/mortgage payment for the new affordable co-ops?

The downpayment is 5% of the sale price. The monthly mortgage payment is expected to be between $944 and $1,541 assuming today’s interest rate market. 

Who qualifies to live in the new affordable senior housing?

The senior housing at Stevenson Square is for seniors 62+ years old and earning up to 50% AMI.

Will the senior housing building come furnished?

No, the units will not come furnished. 

Who qualifies to live in the new affordable rental units?

The new affordable units will be available to low- and moderate-income households. 

How will new residents get parking? 

Please see property management to complete a parking application. Once complete, you will be added to the waiting list. 

Will there be availability for people with disabilities?

Yes, all new buildings have been designed in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and will be inclusive of units accessible to households who have residents that are mobility, hearing or visually impaired.